Ways to spice up your LDR

When you are in a long distance relationship, it is hard not really knowing when you might see each other again. There are a lot of fun, creative ways to keep your relationship fun and relevant, and one of my favorites is surprising your significant other with a package! Most college students know how exciting it is when you get a package notification but you do not remember ordering anything- the anticipation, wonder, and suspense is unmatched. Below I am including my four favorite gifts that you can send to keep the love alive


  1. A flower arrangement

It doesn’t matter if it’s a giant bouquet or a single home-made felt rose. Flowers are a cute way of telling your loved one that they are on your mind. Additionally, you can use different kinds of flowers to send different messages. Lilacs are a symbol of first love, pansies are a symbol of loving thoughts, and pink roses are a symbol of admiration. You can read more about the different meanings behind flowers and their colors at aboutflowers.com/flower-a-plant-information-and-photos/meanings-of-flowers.html

  1. A framed picture

This is something that is easily fit in a flat rate shipping box and doesn’t cost a lot to put together. You can pick out a snapshot of one of your favorite memories and grab a frame from the clearance section. This gift could max out around $4. Another cute spin on this gift, and personally my new favorite gadget is the Prynt case. You plug your phone into the case and it instantly prints out a small picture of your choosing straight from your phones photo gallery.

  1. A care package

This category is a little broader and is easily customizable. If your significant other is into sports you could make them a package that contains sports themed items like water bottles, cooling towels and spare socks. If their interests lie in crafting, consider replenishing their favorite supplies or maybe including a fun coloring book to destress. You don’t have to include anything too extravagant to make them smile!

  1. A cute container with something in it

Whether you use a mason jar and put chocolates in it with a sweet note attached or box with love notes inside, it’s a fun way of giving a gift that never ends. Once they finish whatever was inside, the container can be used for a multitude of things! Make sure you decorate it and make it personalized so that it makes a cute addition to their desk.



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