Interview with my current partner on success and hardships

This week I decided to sit down with my current boyfriend, Ivan Moreno, to get his side of the story. It’s interesting to hear from his perspective what our relationship has been like, especially the effects of long distance. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed interviewing him!


Q: Where and how did we meet?

I: We met in middle school because were in most of the same classes. It started when me and my friends would make fun of people and I happened to start making fun of you. It got so ridiculous- to the point that your family yelled at me on Facebook. I had never gotten yelled at by an adult before that wasn’t my parents so I got really scared and thought I had to apologize to your mom, dad and aunt. Once I formally apologized and you forgave me we ended up being pretty good friends. After about three years or so of friendship something happened that made us become somewhat closer. I got to kiss you and that was pretty cool and it sparked a light in my soul. I was really young and didn’t really know what I was doing so I just went bananas once we started trying to be together.

Q: How long were you dating before you began long distance?

I: We dated for like two years before.

Q: Why did you enter a long distance relationship?

I:  I didn’t necessarily choose to get into a long distance relationship it just kind of happened. We were both contemplating not doing it since it seemed pretty scary but it ended up just happening and so far it is working pretty well.

Q: What differences did you notice when you began dating long distance?

I: Text messages became more prominent. We became more descriptive in our responses. Maybe our text messages and behaviors through text became more routine. We began feeling lonelier and I guess emotions just became magnified.

Q: What has the hardest part of long distance been?

I: I guess not being there for the other person in times of trouble. It’s very frustrating not being able to be next to the person when you know you could help them out a lot more in person than through the phone, though I am pretty good at helping my significant other.

Q: How do you maintain a healthy relationship?

I: We mess with each other a lot, we talk a lot, we smile a lot, and we make sure the other person is as happy as you can make them no matter how far you are. If that level of happiness is significant enough to stay alive regardless of distance then it can work.

Q: What is your favorite way to stay connected while apart?

I: I just like texting frequently. It makes us feel like we’re always with each other.

Q: Do you think being apart has strengthened the relationship?

I: I don’t think so. I’m sure there’s probably ways that it has, though I can’t think of it off the top of my head. I don’t think there are many ways that it is weakening it either despite the stereotypical ideas when thinking about a long distance relationship.

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your past self about what happened?

I: I would tell my past self that even though it’s ok to cry, many of the things he will cry for are not that justifiable. What I’m trying to tell him is that he will be fine as long as he listens to his mind and realizes that he is not always at fault. provides an interesting take on one of the main points Ivan hits in the interview: the perks of texting in romantic relationships.


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